Testimonials workshop participants

Feedback from workshop participants:

I feel today’s training went really well! Mooniek was an excellent trainer and was very knowledgeable about the subject. She led some really great conversations and I think everyone came away with some new insight on communicating effectively in the workplace. R. in Sacramento

“You are a connector at heart!”  — S. Z. in Sacramento

“I learned that if I don’t take care of my mental, spiritual, emotional, physical state that I cannot be there for others. An eye-opener for me ” – Y. R. in Galt

“You bring out the best in people!”  – C. M. in Sacramento

“I learned how to be a real team player” – R. J. in San Francisco

“You are daring, honest, and successful!” – S. L. in Sacramento

“Now I am determined to learn more life skills,” – B. F in San Francisco

“Thank you for creating the space to be interactive and be open” – S. B. in Los Angeles

“I learned how to lead a team through sabotaging behaviors,” –C. F. in Palo Alto

”I trust you, Mooniek, all the way, and back.” – G.A. in Sacramento

“Great empowering workshop about accountability and stepping into leadership,” – G. I. in  Palo Alto

“I learned about risk-taking! Liberating!” –D. S. in San Francisco

“Great workshop on time-management! I got so much more than I expected,” –C. P. in San Francisco

“I felt valued and respected. Thank you!” – P. A. in San Francisco

“This was a straightforward and challenging, ingrained thinking process,” –T.B. Los Angeles

“This workshop taught me to be slow to speak and listen more,” -B. W. in Los Angeles