About the Center of Innovation for Leaders and the CEO Mooniek (pronounced ‘Monique’) Seebregts, Leadership coach

“We founded the Center of Innovation for Leaders as a commitment to changing problems and obstacles that permeate many modern workplaces both big and small.” 

Born and raised in The Netherlands, CEO Mooniek brings a delightful European point of view to webinars, workshops, coaching, classes, and speaking events. People call her an exquisite facilitator, bringing complex issues in a simple way.

You will like working with this honest, imaginative, and spontaneous coach.

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 “Often, the missing piece for individuals, teams, and leaders is their understanding and implementation of Personal Leadership, which at its simplest is about influencing oneself”

-Mooniek Seebregts, CEO, Master Certified Leadership Coach


The Difference

What makes us different from many other businesses that provide training and coaching is, that for most impact, we do not only work with organizations and their teams but also especially with the individual

We help each participant become a leader in their own right by focusing on their biggest challenges and opportunities. 

We facilitate through webinars, workshops, or 1:1 specialized coaching.


  • Our programs are results oriented, designed to jumpstart potential, change obstacles into opportunities so your business can work toward its vision.
  • Because of our personalized approach, our efforts have a transformational impact right from the start.

Our specialized area of focus is changing the internal culture of your business so that everyone can succeed at their highest level both in work and in their personal life.

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