Personal Leadership is for teams and for individuals.

We, at the Center of Innovation for Leaders, are committed to facilitating the best coaching programs and finding the best coaches for the individuals and businesses that ask for our help. Our team is committed to delivering a custom build program specifically tailored to you, regardless of your background or the size of your industry.

Because of the personalized customized approach, this work is transformative from the beginning. Our programs are results-oriented and are instrumental in realizing the vision for your business or for your career.

Our programs and coaching bring education and experiences that end disinterest, needless struggle, and conflict in teams and groups. Actually, we bring people a broader understanding of their potential and thus, their possibilities. This alone can change everything in the team, life or work for the better. Effective communication, better choices, making great decisions and how to truly be a team player make a world of difference in engagement and performance. Being a grand contributing member adds to the bottom line of the business and adds to the quality of life in all areas.

-How do we work with your team? We combine new science and age-old wisdom to deliver great workshops, group coaching, teleclasses, webinars, and lectures.

-How do we work with you individually? It is through proven coaching programs combining new science and age-old wisdom that you move towards your potential.

Reasons to work with the Center of Innovation for Leaders:

What makes us different from many other coaches and coaching programs out there is we CARE.

  • We care about you about your team; we care about your business or organization.
  • Whether we work with one person on the team or with the whole team: we are committed to expanding Personal Leadership skills and qualities.
  • We care about every individual: we want you to become a leader in your own right.
  • We bring the best available education about leadership.


Our leadership programs, workshops, and coaching sessions are an essential aspect of team development. Companies need to provide regular education to have their teams perform at their best. In short: in the ever-changing world of businesses, organizations need personal leadership programs and coaching for successful, sustained and innovative performance.

Many of our clients (even those who are highly accomplished and productive) tell us that they occasionally lack clarity in key areas. Therefore, they search for great coaches and mentors who can guide them through uncharted personal areas in order to explore new ideas for leadership. They find it invaluable to work with a trusted coach who has the expertise to focus on habitual or resistant areas in their personalities so they can move forward and develop themselves.

Our clients understand that willpower alone doesn’t bring change in their leadership style or within their team. The Center of Innovation for Leaders offers programs that combine intellectual, emotional clarity, and scientific research. As a result, action, discipline, and results follow naturally.

Too often CEOs and managers underestimate the time that is needed to grow and develop good leadership and teamwork. Individuals who want to become great leaders or the best colleagues face a process of learning and changing and refreshing the learning. We at the Center of Innovation for Leaders make the learning as quick and direct as possible.

Every professional’s busy workday can be disorganized, fragmented, and chaotic. As work becomes more complex, how can professionals find time to develop personal leadership? The Center of Innovation for Leaders will assist clients to effectively learn in an experiential way.

Why do you want to expand your leadership abilities?

The Individual or the Team may have Challenges or Problems:

  • Challenges in the area of communication
  • Feeling overwhelmed or stressed
  • Not feeling challenged at work
  • Having trouble working together
  • Feeling bored or disengaged
  • Having low inspiration or low initiative?
  • Feeling underdeveloped in the area of leadership?
  • Feeling the lack of true collaboration?

Are you:

Motivated to make better fitting decisions?

Ready to make the best choices?

Ready to expand yourself?

Contact us for a complimentary assessment and strategy session.

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