About the Center of Innovation for Leaders

The Center of Innovation for Leaders started in 2013 because no other businesses in the area offered programs towards Personal leadership, combining intellectual and emotional clarity and scientific research. Our main coach is Mooniek Seebregts who is the CEO and has coached many clients since 2001.

What makes us different from many other coaches and coaching programs out there is:

  • Whether we work with one person on the team or with the whole team: we understand how to truly expand personal leadership skills and leadership qualities.
  • We help each participant to become a leader in his or her own right.
  • We tirelessly deliver the most updated education about leadership.
  • We have a knack for seeing possibilities and options and have a keen eye for existing and emerging patterns.
  • Because of our customized approach, our efforts have a transformational impact right from the start.
  • Our company is committed to delivering a custom program specifically tailored to your business/organization, or team regardless of its background/culture or its size.
  • Our programs are results-oriented, designed to jumpstart the potential of your business or career to fully realize its vision and mission.
  • We are committed to offering the finest coaching programs and the best coaches for individuals and businesses seeking to integrate more leadership with work and life. This is facilitated through participation in workshops, webinars, or 1:1 specialized coaching.

Our clients understand that willpower alone does not bring about change in their leadership style or within their team. CEOs and managers understand the amount of time that growing and developing good leadership and teamwork requires. Individuals who want to become superlative leaders and/or colleagues face a process of learning and changing. We make the learning process as quick and direct as possible while following a natural progression in cooperation.

-How do we work with a team? We combine the latest science and age-old wisdom in order to expand individual leadership skills and leadership qualities so that the whole team benefits. 

Our COIL innovative education and experiential learning sessions are designed to resolve the problems of needless struggle or conflict that often disrupt teams and groups. Through this process, we help people develop a broader understanding of their potential, thus broadening their possibilities. This can change everything for the better within the team, and in life and work in general.

Honing effective communication skills, making better choices and decisions, and a keen understanding of how to be a valuable team player — all these abilities make a world of difference in a team member’s engagement and performance. Being an outstanding contributing member adds to the bottom line of the business.

Our leadership programs, workshops, and coaching sessions are an essential aspect of team development. Companies need to provide regular education to have their teams perform at their best. In short: in the ever-changing world of business, organizations need personal-leadership programs and coaching for successful, sustained, and innovative performance. Many of our clients (even those who are highly accomplished and productive) tell us that they occasionally lack clarity in key areas. Therefore, they search for great coaches and mentors who can guide them through uncharted areas involving personality issues, for instance, in order to explore new ideas for leadership. They find it invaluable to work with a trusted coach who has the expertise to focus on habitual or resistant areas in their personalities, the goal is to move forward and further develop themselves.

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-How do we work with individuals? Every professional’s busy workday can be disorganized, fragmented, and chaotic. As work becomes increasingly more complex, how do professionals find time to develop personal leadership? The Center of Innovation for Leaders specializes in assisting clients to effectively learn and evolve in an experiential way. 

*under-valued, under-developed, disengaged? 

*under realizing your potential? 

Through your participation in proven coaching programs that combine new science and age-old wisdom, we guide you towards your potential.

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