What is leadership?

There is Public Leadership (leading groups) and

Personal Leadership (leading oneself)

Personal Leadership is not the private domain of a few characteristic women and men.

It is a process most people choose to pursue.

They expand their abilities, raise their performance, and lift up their own spirit as they lift up the spirit of the people around them.

Our programs teach Personal Leadership to everyone, no matter their position.

Our Services


Programs for Organizations

We specialize in common challenges such as bad communication, remote work, disengagement, lack of accountability, employee syndrome (mindless following), weak management skills, not enough excitement for goals, cultural diversity, racism in the workplace, as well as uncommon challenges such as the dire consequences of the current pandemic.


Leadership for Individuals

From a young age, most are trained to be followers, not leaders. We help transform anyone regardless of their position into a leader through training or coaching, whether you work remotely or not.


Speaking, Keynotes, Webinars, Workshops

We tailor talks, presentations, webinars, or workshops for your business or conference to fit the needs of your audience or your team.

Programs for Teamwork

Our programs substantially raise the level of teamwork, professional performance, by evaluating remote work, improving communication, and positive engagement, and collaboration – even in difficult times like the present pandemic or times of great cultural change.

Courses, Webinars, Workshops, Coaching for Individuals

Terrific Personal Leadership education finds the leader in you. Because when you can lead yourself you can influence other people; it always starts with you.



Strategic Vision Mastermind

It is essential that you find clarity on what you want your future to look like. We offer guidance through the 6 Essential Questions so you can put your goals and action steps in your calendar.

You or your team can design your own exciting vision and goals for work and life.

After creating your vision and mission you can get monthly support by joining our amazing mastermind  group so that you can stay focused to your goals and your vision no matter what happens in your work and life.

“If you are looking for a highly-skilled, very professional, all-round experienced, caring, innovative, creative, and extremely passionate coach look no further…”

– L. Verdegaal, Australia

Let’s Start a Conversation! How Can We Help You?

“Hi Mooniek, Thank you for another wonderful presentation. Very informative, good ideas, you covered a lot in such a short time!!!

I hope to have you again for presentations. With COVID, we are all learning how to do this virtually.”

M.K. account manager, Sacramento

“Mooniek, your session on leadership and accountability provided practical tools that will help us improve individually and organizationally. You helped us tap into our individual leadership potential and showed us that with greater awareness about accountability, we can generate better outcomes. We felt very fortunate to have such a skilled coach train us. We all came away feeling more like a team and happily reinvigorated our own potential. I whole-heartedly recommend this training for other organizations, especially those that are small. I am quickly learning that coaching and leadership training is an incredibly valuable way to empower a team.”  

— Terri Galvan, Executive Director, CASH