Testimonials from CEO’s, directors

Testimonials from CEO’s, directors: 

“Your session on leadership and accountability provided practical tools that will help us improve individually and organizationally. You helped us tap into our individual leadership potential and showed us that with greater awareness about accountability, we can generate better outcomes. We felt very fortunate to have such a skilled coach train us. We all came away feeling more like a team and happily reinvigorated our own potential. I whole-heartedly recommend this training for other organizations, especially those that are small. I am quickly learning that coaching and leadership training is an incredibly valuable way to empower a team.”  — Terri Galvan, Executive Director, CASH

“We engaged Mooniek in an 8-week program to help our team foster personal and professional leadership by ‘becoming the leaders they would like to follow.’  We’re now building on a solid and effective foundation by communicating and connecting more effectively with all team members using tools provided by Mooniek. The result is a focused team that communicates effectively and achieves results. I highly recommend Mooniek if you want to achieve personal and professional growth, to energize your team members, and to build a high achieving engaged organization that can take you to the next level.”  — Gary Almond, President, Better Business Bureau serving Northeast California, West Sacramento, CA 95691