Leadership Coaching for Individuals

One of the most effective ways of building a strong foundation for your leadership skills and leadership qualities is through supportive tailored coaching conversations with a coach who understands you, who you trust, and who has a deep comprehension of people’s complexity.

Hiring a coach is really the biggest step you can take if you are truly invested in your own success.

Coaching explained: 

  • 1:1 sessions are centered around your chosen topics, worked on jointly with your coach, in an easily digestible and safe way, that suits your personality, and honors the confidentiality agreement. (If you’d like to know more about training, visit our leadership training/webinars for individuals page.)

If you choose to be coached, you’ll be in good hands with us! Together with your coach, you will come up with a plan to develop the areas of leadership that need your attention.

You can have numerous reasons to seek leadership coaching:

  • Want to be a better leader?
  • Evaluate the way you work remotely?
  • Having too much stress?
  • Dealing with communication issues?
  • Having trouble working with others?
  • Feeling tired or disengaged?
  • Feeling the lack of collaboration with people around you?
  • Feeling a lack of passion?
  • Feel that you don’t fit the work culture?

    Ready to take the first step? Schedule a conversation with a coach!

    1. First,  fill out this coaching application and then email the scan to contact@CenterOfInnovationForLeaders.com within the subject line: APPLICATION.
    2. Immediately schedule your introductory conversation with Mooniek Seebregts, Certified Master Coach Leader, by clicking here: calendly.com/Mooniek

    We pride ourselves that 95% of our clients feel enthusiastic during and after their coaching process with us.

    Mooniek Seebregts and her team focus on you. They carefully and thoughtfully support you towards more leadership in every aspect.


    Mooniek Seebregts, Certified Master Coach Leader since 2002 Mooniek side shot

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