Vision Mastermind

Do you want to be supported in achieving your vision and goals?

Imagine being part of a group of people who are all committed to consciously improving their life and work: manifesting their vision, goals, dreams, and desires.

How inspiring!

The members of the ‘Vision 2020-2021 mastermind group,’ meet monthly via Zoom. Each member is committed to actively working towards their vision, goals, and action steps— as well as supporting the others in achieving theirs.

This is a true win/win opportunity for everyone because we believe that a group of like-minded, vision-oriented individuals can dramatically leverage their own and each other’s success and accountability.

The fee for this year-long monthly check-in with focused support on your own vision, your own goals, and the development of your leadership skills and qualities is ONLY $29 dollars a month ($347 in full).

Twelve months of step-by-step support so your aspirations can become your reality!

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Image by Margarida CSilva on Unsplash