“Mooniek makes the workshop very personal and relevant. She is great at helping participants come up with solutions. Handouts were very helpful, a great resource. Lots of information. Thank you!” — Matt B.

“I feel very fortunate to have worked with Mooniek at a challenging juncture in my life.

Mooniek was a positive, motivating and emphatetic force with an impressive array of helpful tools and coping strategies. Her warmth and knowledgeable approach helped me proactively address issues with a clearer understanding of the bigger picture.

One thing stands out with Mooniek: she was genuinely there for me unlike previous experiences where coaches were very nice during the allocated time slot but not much happened above and beyond. Mooniek went out of her way to keep the momentum and stay on track; her thoughtful perseverance, warmth and kindness made all the difference for me. I wholeheartedly recommend her for anybody wishing to work with a direct, authentic and incisive professional.” — S. Dolan

Feedback about workshop participant:

“Cannot thank you enough for helping me start out the year positively. I was in a funk and you pulled me out. You knew what I needed.”– M in Sacramento, business owner

Team development:

Hi Mooniek! What a DELIGHT it was to have you today!  Thank yououou so much! 🙂  Bless you for bringing the work to us. A @ an elementary school in Sacramento

“Your session on leadership and accountability provided practical tools that will help us improve individually and organizationally. You helped us tap into our individual leadership potential and showed us that with greater awareness about accountability, we can generate better outcomes. We felt very fortunate to have such a skilled coach work with us. We all came away feeling more like a team and happily reinvigorated our own potential. I whole-heartedly recommend this training for other organizations, especially those that are small. I am quickly learning that coaching and leadership training is an incredibly valuable way to empower a team.”  — Terri Galvan, Executive Director, CASH

“We engaged Mooniek in an 8-week program to help our team foster personal and professional leadership by ‘becoming the leaders they would like to follow.’  What followed were workshops and coaching which I firmly believe resulted in an organizational and personal change for all of the participants.  We’re now building on the solid and effective foundation by communicating and connecting more effectively with all team members using tools provided by Mooniek. The result is a focused team which communicates effectively and achieves results.  We believe that this is an on-going process and with Mooniek’s help, we’ve established a way to help one another continue in our leadership growth.

I highly recommend Mooniek if you want to achieve personal and professional growth, to energize your team members, and to build a high achieving engaged organization that can take you to the next level.”  — Gary Almond, President, Better Business Bureau serving Northeast California, 3075 Beacon Blvd, West Sacramento, CA 95691

Individual coaching:

“You are some of the kindest and most caring people I know. Thank you for all the support that you have shown me.”-GG in Sacramento

“You are a connector at heart!”  — S. Z. in Sacramento

“You bring out the best in people!”  — C. M. in Sacramento

“You are daring, honest and successful!” — S. L. in Sacramento

“Thank you for creating the space for us to be interactive and be open” — S. B

” I trust you all the way and back.” – G.A. in Sacramento

“From the moment I met you – and every time I see you – I am struck by the fact that you are very very present. You are listening and paying attention. Also, you put out a very positive attitude and energy. It’s definitely energizing.” — K.L.

“The coaching was amazingly helpful! I feel so much better … motivated and energized by the ideas we talked about. You’re a fabulous listener and so skilled at seeing the possibilities and appropriate next steps. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Thx!!” — T. S.

M, how was it before you worked with me?

“I went looking for a coach to help me prepare to return to my country and start a major mid-career transition so that I could develop more balance between my career and personal life.”

What did I do for you?

“You helped me focus on the aspects of my life where I wanted to create the most profound changes. You helped me connect to the most courageous parts of my internal self to generate energy, excitement, and enthusiasm about the new changes I intended to create on the horizon of my future. Without your coaching, it is highly likely that I would have continued to make decisions in favor of continuing on the same trajectory I was already on, stayed in my international career and continued living every day with the grief of having sacrificed the chance to build my own family and nurturing home.”

What results and benefits did you get from working with me?

“Three years later, I have relocated back to the US, am again living in the lovely house that I own and have a stable long-term home. Just as I had longed for three years ago, I have the experience of deeply meaningful re-connection to my biological and chosen family members and have found a significant other with whom to share the ever-changing seasons of life. I can confirm for sure that I have more work-life balance than ever before because I am not working or on-call during nearly every waking hour anymore. I am very thankful to be exactly who I am and where I am at this moment in time on earth. Thanks to you, Mooniek, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction from knowing that I actively participated in co-creating the life I currently have. This is a major improvement over the earlier years of my life when I felt that I had unconsciously and accidentally fallen into my life and did not have any specific whole life goals or defined steps for reaching them.”

“You’re a sweetheart, a leader, and you go above and beyond. I’m very grateful to you!” — A. E

About presenting and speaking:

“Your energy matches what you say you do – it’s a primary example – of what you do.”  — L. M. in Sacramento

“You were incredible and amazing today: good presentation!” — D.R.

Feedback about Sacramento’s Personal Leadership conference 2015:

“Thank you for organizing an exceptional conference.  Without exaggerating, I can say it was one of the most intellectually and spiritually satisfying events I’ve attended.  I am truly grateful.” — David L.
“When you’re in Mooniek’s presence, she oozes authentic leadership.” — Rajkumari Neogy