Feedback from participants in individual coaching: 

If you are looking for a highly-skilled, very professional, all-round experienced, caring, innovative, creative and extremely passionate coach, I can warmly recommend Mooniek! I have loved working with Mooniek in every aspect; she has so much knowledge that I am impressed with her, and her approach, every time again. She has all the skills to show me the path to create my vision in my life and a way to recognize and dismiss all my unhelpful behaviors/ thoughts/ feelings. —L. Verdegaal, Australia

“I‘m so pleased to have experienced your clarity, and your continued willingness to encourage me. And especially thank you for sharing your bright beautiful essence” —Karen S, Sacramento, CA

“The reason I want to be coached by you about leadership is that you are a pleasant person. Pleasant to look at and you are firm and approachable, solid, compassionate, and heart-centered. You embody what a leader should be like.” –Karin D, Sacramento, CA
“From the moment I met you – and every time I see you – I am struck by the fact that you are very very present. You are listening and paying attention. Also, you put out a very positive attitude and energy. It’s definitely energizing.” — K.L, New York

“You are some of the kindest and most caring people I know. Thank you for all the support that you have shown me.”-G. G, Sacramento

“The coaching was amazingly helpful! I feel so much better … motivated and energized by the ideas we talked about. You’re a fabulous listener and so skilled at seeing the possibilities and appropriate next steps. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Thx!!” — T. S, Los Angeles.

“I went looking for a coach to help me prepare to return to my country and start a major mid-career transition so that I could develop more balance between my career and personal life. Mooniek helped me focus on the aspects of my life where I wanted to create the most profound changes. She helped me connect to the most courageous parts of my internal self to generate energy, excitement, and enthusiasm about the new changes I intended to create on the horizon of my future. Without Mooniek’s coaching, it is highly likely that I would have continued to make decisions in favor of continuing on the same trajectory I was already on, stayed in my international career and continued living every day with the grief of having sacrificed the chance to build my own family and nurturing home. Three years later, I have relocated back to the US. I am very thankful to be exactly who I am and where I am at this moment in time on earth. Thanks to Mooniek, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction from knowing that I actively participated in co-creating the life I currently have. This is a major improvement over the earlier years of my life when I felt that I had unconsciously and accidentally fallen into my life and did not have any specific whole life goals or defined steps for reaching them.” T.R, Washington