Testimonials from participants doing teamwork:

I feel today’s training went really well! Mooniek was an excellent trainer and was very knowledgeable about the subject. She led some really great conversations and I think everyone came away with some new insight on communicating effectively in the workplace. R. in S

“Mooniek, you are a connector at heart!”  — S. Z., Sacramento


“You bring out the best in people!”  — C. M., Sacramento


“You are daring, honest and successful!” — S. L., Sacramento


“Thank you for creating the space for us to be interactive and be open” — S. B


”Mooniek, I trust you all the way and back.” – G.A., Sacramento

“Mooniek makes the workshop very personal and relevant. She is great at helping participants come up with solutions. Handouts were very helpful, great resources. Lots of information. Thank you!” — Matt B.

Hi Mooniek! What a DELIGHT it was to have you today!  Thank yououou so much! 🙂  Bless you for bringing the work to us. A. Sacramento, Ca

“You’re a sweetheart, a leader, and you go above and beyond. I’m very grateful to you!” — A. in San Francisco 


 Mooniek organizes Personal Leadership conferences for teams and individuals: 

“Thank you for organizing an exceptional conference.  Without exaggerating, I can say it was one of the most intellectually and spiritually satisfying events I’ve attended. I am truly grateful.” —David Long, San Francisco.


“When you’re in Mooniek’s presence, she oozes authentic leadership.” — Rajkumari Neogy, San Francisco

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