Challenges and Solutions of the Individual


What are the Challenges facing the Individual Leader?  

  • How to be effective in the workplace
  • How to be a Leader?
  • Underdeveloped Personal Leadership
  • Communication roadblocks
  • Blind spots in behavior
  • Feeling unchallenged
  • Having trouble working with others
  • Bored or disengaged
  • Low inspiration or low initiative
  • Lack of true collaboration
  • Not knowing how to encourage cooperation
  • Negative self-talk or negative attitude
  • Micro-managing
  • Disorganized
  • Lack of cultural awareness
  • Racism in the workplace
  • No framework for change
  • No long-term goals 
  • The team dynamics, heavy or unbalanced workload, lack of communication, conflicting vision, etc.)
  • An internal source (changes in personal or professional life, added stress, lack of confidence, etc.).

The first step is to choose coaching or training so you can objectively find the source(s) of the challenge. That way you can take the necessary steps towards the solution(s). 

What to Choose: Coaching or Training?                                                

Fundamentals of Coaching: 

Coaching is an on-going dialogue designed to help you achieve your potential through accountability. 

A coach has a dedicated interest in your success and will show you how to reach your next levels of growth by helping you find new insights and action steps that lead to effective change. Your coach will help you meet the goals you’ve set out to achieve by equipping you with skills, resources and proven methods of implementation, and supports you get past any emotional or behavioral hang-ups that are holding you back. 

  • Takes place on a 1:1 basis
  • Focuses on more than one obstacle: looks at thought processes, habits, beliefs, behaviors, and performances that are in the way of achieving your vision, goals and action steps
  • Feeds questions in order to get to client’s truth
  • Facilitates critical thinking and decision making
  • Has high levels of implementation accountability  
  • All our coaching is steeped in research, in an understanding of the psychology and science behind the challenges many face and the solutions to those obstacles.

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Fundamentals of Training: 

Training is used for specific topics that address the challenges most commonly faced in modern workplaces today. For example, an explanation of how to deal with racism, what to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, how to use emotional intelligence in a professional environment, or the best tools for communication, how to successfully manage stress, how to delegate effectively and many more. Training is presented in a workshop, webinar, conference, or gathering:

  • Training usually takes place in a group setting
  • The focus is on one learning objective
  • Directs the learning of the participants
  • Training typically has low levels of implementation accountability afterward 

All of our training is steeped in research, in an understanding of the psychology and science behind the challenges and the solutions to those obstacles.

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Our aim is for you to be an excellent leader, no matter your level of experience or professional position. That way you can enhance your contribution to your team.

With new knowledge and the integration of new tools comes the right course of action.  

Working on solutions in answer to the challenges helps you to build a strong inner foundation which helps you to: 

  • deliberately choose how you want to show up and how you want to perform
  • intentionally become the architect of your experiences and your actions 

When you can lead yourself you then can influence other people.

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