One Year VIP Personal Leadership Coaching Program

-12 months of one-on-one coaching towards Mastery in Personal Leadership, with regular support.

-These individual coaching conversations, texts, and emails bring you concepts, exercises, age-old wisdom, and the latest data that will be implemented on a customized and personal level to make it work best for you.

-This program is for YOU, no matter your position or work experience.

You can choose to work on issues like:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Delegating
  • Feedback
  • Responsibility
  • Team building
  • and any other issues you deem important
  • For an interview with our CEO and Certified Master Leadership Coach Mooniek Seebregts. Make the appointment here.

In the 12-Months Coaching Conversations you will:

  1. Work with the 5 Pillars of Personal Leadership.
  2. Design your Vision and Mission.
  3. Work through the 7 Obstacles of Resistance.
  4. Practice and Commit to using Effective Communication.
  5. Define Opportunities to Develop  Leadership Mastery, Culture, Responsibility, Teamwork, Delegation, Communication, Motivation, and more.
  6. Explore how to Effectively Deal with your Causes of Stress.
  7. Find the Areas where you Need to Become the Leader you Want to be.

Changing your inner game is a game-changer        


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Photo: Bruce Mars @ Unsplash

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