How Personal Leadership is the foundation of everything

Personal Leadership skills are at the foundation of everything. To say it simply: if you don’t understand yourself, cannot inspire others in your team, are thrown by challenges, and cannot get along with another person who jerks you the wrong way, you are stopping yourself and your team from moving forward. And let’s be honest, how we behave at work links to how we behave in our personal and social lives as well. So, the true leader is the professional who understands that if they have a good hold of their own personal leadership, they can be fabulous in their professional life, a fantastic role model in their personal life, and an inspiring person in their social life.

How professionals are able to perform in their team – getting the results they aim for, reaching the goals they are expected to reach, etc. – requires Personal Leadership skills. Personal Leadership skills include, for example, an understanding of how to communicate on a higher level and how to work with a personal and professional mission and vision. Personal Leadership skills require regular updates; therefore it is necessary to de-clutter habits, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that no longer work. And a basic understanding of habitual impediments and hindrances is also a must.

Did I mention that knowing your own blind spots is required as a leader? Why? Because if you choose to live as a leader, no matter who you are and where you work or what your personal life looks like, you are mastering ‘the making of choices.’ And if you choose from habit, chaos, or confusion, you direct the outcome to be the same – discord and more of what happened before.

We, at the Center of Innovation for Leadership, in Sacramento, work on updating your whole team’s individual Personal Leadership skills. Just imagine the result if everyone in the team understands working together at a higher level – that everyone can be inspired by each other!

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