What is Personal Leadership you ask?

The ability to influence yourself:

decide who you really want to become and get there.



Who is the course for?

This course is for the individual who is interested in Personal Leadership and who wants to develop more awareness and self-mastery on mental and emotional levels.


What does the course focus on?

This webinar-course is focused on developing your Personal Leadership style, skills, communication and team working skills.


Whether you have done a lot of professional and personal development

or are just starting to explore leadership,

this course will give you a lot of value!


In this course you will focus on:

  • How to stop playing ‘small’ at work or in life.

  • Explore and identify the main beliefs that drive you

  • Effectively deal with self-defeating habits and negative internal dialogues.


Discover what hinders your potential.

These can be certain beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors adopted along the way.

Results of this course:


  • You create successful next steps towards your future.

  • You will gain knowledge and clarity to help you make fitting decisions and choices.

  • You’ll let go of traits that don’t serve you.

  • You’ll get leadership tools you can use during the rest of your (professional) life!

  • You’ll aim for your vision.

Your Facilitator Mooniek Seebregts

Your Facilitator Mooniek Seebregts

Certified Master Coach and CEO

If you are ready to be innovative and if you are ready to expand yourself and grow your leadership abilities and talents, sign up now to claim your spot in the class!

Ready to figure it out? Learn?

Are you ready to figure out and deal with unconscious blind spots that may be sabotaging you and others?

You'll have homework

You’ll have homework and you’ll be accountable to get your action steps done.

Loved this course! I learned about the kind of leader I want to be. Learned how to use positive and negative beliefs. I now have a clear action plan to carry out my goals.


Pic: Joshua Ness @ Unsplash

Cody B.

Manager drug store

The course was refreshingly interactive and  I loved hearing different points of view.

Pic: Gabrielle Henderson @ Unsplash

Jenny S

Works for the State of California

I’m ready when you are!

The Course is a 6-week webinar, Monday evenings

at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific.