Leadership Workshops for Individuals

Workshops To Improve Your Individual Personal Leadership

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Want to feel like a leader in all areas of work and life? We believe that every successful person knows that leadership needs:


With this knowledge and the integration of new tools, comes the right course of action for the leader. These programs update Personal Leadership ability. The aim is for people to be an excellent leader no matter the position, and enhance personal contribution to the team.

Workshop Personal Leadership 101:
A 2.5-hour individualized educational program that explores the concept of Personal Leadership and why is it important.

We will:

  • Identify the 4 pillars of Personal Leadership
  • Define opportunities to develop self-knowledge towards leadership mastery
  • Work with obstacles – old baggage – thoughts, ideas that no longer serve anymore
  • Commit to effective ways of communication
  • Explore fitting goals divided into action steps

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Personal Leadership Workshop 102:
A 5 hour, hands-on, intensive exploration of how the inner foundation creates an effective leader on the outside

We will:

  • Continue building on pillars of Personal Leadership
  • Build more confidence, social & management skills and abilities
  • Expand effective communication skills (verbal/nonverbal) and interpersonal skills
  • Resolve obstacles that are in the way of vision and mission
  • Work with excuses and feedback from other people

This workshop is for people who have completed Personal Leadership 101 or have had at an individual coaching session with us. Call now to get more information! 916-812-8012

Workshop Personal Leadership Mastery Certification:
A full-day retreat experience that allows in-depth exploration of the concepts we worked with in PL 101 and PL 102.

We will develop a comprehensive personal action-plan that will:

  • Make goals crystal clear and obtainable so that the vision/mission can be fulfilled
  • Become a quick(er) decision maker no matter the circumstances
  • Use your whole personality
  • Add to being a great team player
  • Get you your Personal Leadership certification

The Mastery workshop is for those who have completed Personal Leadership 102 or have the approval to attend. Call now to get more information: 916-812-8012