Ready For A Weekend VIP Coaching Towards Personal Leadership?

If you feel challenged with any or a few of the following:

  • Challenges in the area of communication
  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or burned out
  • Having trouble working with your team
  • Feeling tired or disengaged
  • Having low inspiration or low initiative
  • Feel you need support in the area of leadership
  • Feeling the lack of true collaboration
  • Feel you are doing it alone


And Are you:

  • Motivated to make better fitting decisions?
  • Ready to make the best choices?
  • Ready to expand yourself?
  • Ready to get rid of the baggage?
  • Ready to learn?


Mooniek Seebregts and her Team will focus on you for one whole weekend.

They will carefully and thoughtfully bring or expand leadership in every aspect of your work and your life. A day filled with insight and changes will take you to an inspiring, bright and clear future.

The 1st day will start with an in-depth interview and assessment. From there the time will be divided into five segments. Two segments will be about your work and personal life. The other three segments will be chosen in agreement with you.

Schedule an introductory assessment conversation before the VIP coaching with Mooniek Seebregts, Certified Master Coach Leader by clicking here:

The Center of Innovation for Leaders, Sacramento


Mooniek Seebregts

Certified Master Coach Leader