FLASH SALE BLACK FRIDAY: 3 leadership coaching conversations! for only $250 dollars!

We are offering 3 leadership coaching conversations for the discounted price of only $250 dollars (discounted from $750!).
In addition, we will throw in our webinar ‘How Personal Leadership and Emotional Intelligence enhance each other.’
You must purchase this offer within 24 hours.
The only thing you have to do is send an email within 24 hours to contact@CenterOfInnovationForLeaders.com and say YES! In that email, leave your phone number so we can charge your credit card when we talk.
Warmest greetings, 

If you feel challenged with any or a few of the following:

  • Challenges in the area of communication
  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or burned out
  • Having trouble working with your team
  • Feeling tired or disengaged
  • Having low inspiration or low initiative
  • Feel you need support in the area of leadership
  • Feeling the lack of true collaboration
  • Wonder what Personal Leadership is about, or how to fit it into your life and work?

And Are you:

  • Motivated to make better fitting decisions?
  • Ready to make the best choices?
  • Ready to expand yourself?
  • Ready to get rid of the baggage?
  • Ready to learn?

Mooniek Seebregts and her Team focus on you: your life, your work. They carefully and thoughtfully want to support you bringing or expanding leadership in every aspect of your work and your life. Conversations filled with insight and changes will take you to an inspiring, bright and clear future.

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Mooniek Seebregts

Certified Master Coach Leader