Be Intentional About Your Year!

How to Make Your Goals & Action Steps Happen?

May this be your best year yet! We wish for you that you feel purposefully engaged at work, feel appreciated by your people, feel celebrated for what you do and are loved by ‘your people.’

To have this be your best year yet, you need to create your irresistible personal vision, bring clarity to your goals and action steps. We designed a video for you to help you do just that by answering 6 questions. 

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‘Vision Mastermind Calls’

To support you to get to your goals we facilitate the ‘Vision Mastermind Calls’ which are monthly conference calls intended to support you in your quest towards whatever you are going for this year. 

The conference calls support you in your vision of your personal and professional life as well as on your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical levels. No matter how small or how big, every step forward is one step forward! 

Time and time again, we see that when we have a vision, connected to our goals and action steps, we can make it happen. We consciously choose what decisions to make, to bring us closer to our desired end. 

The ‘Vision Mastermind Calls’ are on the last Friday of the month at lunchtime (Pacific Time). Length of this invigorating conference call is no more than 30 minutes. 

Cost is less than 29 dollars a month to be supported in your own work and life! Interested?

Email us at Put Vision Mastermind Calls′ in the subject line.  

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