12-Week VIP Personal Leadership Coaching Program

12 weeks of one-on-one coaching towards mastery in Personal leadership.

This program is for YOU, no matter your position, work experience, or former coaching programs.

These individual coaching conversations bring you concepts, exercises, and the latest in brain science that will be implemented on a customized and personal level to make it work best for you.

We will:

  1. Conduct an interview with you.
  2. Identify and work with the 5 Pillars of Personal leadership
  3. Work through the 7 most common obstacles (such as old beliefs and blocks) to clear the way for growth
  4. Practice and commit to using effective ways of communication
  5. Define opportunities to develop self-knowledge towards Leadership Mastery
  6. Find the areas (work and life) where you can expand yourself into the leader you want to be
  7. Design your mission and vision, create achievable goals with the right action steps, and get it all realized

 Changing your inner game is a game changer. 

Your personal life and your work life will be transformed for the better.

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