Testimonials about Mooniek’s presentations and talks:

Hi Mooniek,

As a content leader for the ELEVATE conference for California Society of Association Executives, you were an important part of shaping our participants’ conference experience – thank you! Also, we cannot thank you enough for your willingness to jump in on short notice to lead a second session. Overall, the evaluation ratings from participants were outstanding. –Gina Sutherland, CMP, California Society of Association Executives

I want to be a speaker like you. You have such an ability to connect with the audience! — Michelle, Sacramento, CA

“Your energy matches what you say you do – it’s a primary example – of what you do.”  — L. M., Sacramento, CA

“You were incredible and amazing today: good presentation!” — D.R in L.A.

You have such a presence! You light up the room — Beth L, Sacramento, CA