CEO Mooniek Seebregts

moonieksideThe founder of the Center of Innovation for Leaders and CEO is Mooniek Seebregts.

Mooniek Seebregts, a Certified Master Coach Leader (2001), founded the Center of Innovation for Leaders because she is committed to and passionate about Personal leadership which is the essential part of leadership. Mooniek always says that more people should understand the value of implementing Personal leadership. She experiences that this part is often the missing piece in individuals, teams and their leaders.

Her knack for seeing possibilities and options brings her many clients and helps her understands the need for change, inspiration, teamwork, and leadership on a deep level. Also, she has a keen eye for existing and emerging patterns. Clients say that they feel seen and special when they work with Mooniek and that helps them expand themselves almost automatically into better leaders, into their potential. And that is how they become a valuable asset to their team at work or at home :).

Born and raised in The Netherlands, she brings a delightful European point of view to coaching, workshops, classes, and speaking events. She is honest, imaginative, spontaneous. In her free time, she travels the world, sails the oceans, or coaches volunteers to become better mentors for foster children.

Mooniek works with a great team in the Center of Innovation for Leaders: together they facilitate workshops and provide the best coaching possible.

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